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Aging Codes

BillingsReceivablesAging Codes


The Accounts Receivable Department in the Controller’s Office provides the status of collections activity using the codes listed in the table below. These codes are the first three characters seen in the TEXT field in SAP. Additional notes can be viewed in long text. For questions on any invoices please send an email to the departmental email address and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Follow-Up for ALL will be 10 days EXCEPT W00 which will be 2 days

*Escalation will be after 3 attempts with no reply

Invoice Text Table (S.A.P.)

A00Customer has promised to pay
B00Billings late, resend/revise invoice or invoice not in SAP or Oculus
C00Customer researching payment, reviewing docs, disputing docs, waiting funds from external source, working with PI/Dept., not responding, invoice requested where none required in NGA, elevated to customer’s upper mgmt.
D00Department is handling
D01Department is researching, working with customer, not responding, received check
L00Referred to legal
LouWrite-off - Lou handling
SP0Sponsored Projects providing detailed information, working with Dept., incorrect bill plan, financial reports
SP1Grant closed, waiting final report (case by case basis depending on the invoice amount – approval needed)
R00Sponsor waiting reports from JHU PI (financial report, manuscript, program report, Scientific, Technical, etc.)
R01Waiting for signed documents, Research Admin (ORA) working with sponsor
W00Customer contacted for the first time awaiting response
PPDPartial Payment

*Escalation- after 3rd attempt with no reply contact the Dept. Administrator. If no results after 3rd escalation to Dept. Administrator notify Lou & Debbie.

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