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HR Information Processing Center

Kronos Historical Edit:  HRIPC is processing all historical edits for Johns Hopkins Hospital (HS01), Johns Hopkins Home Care Group (HS04), Johns Hopkins Home Health (HS05), Johns Hopkins Health System (HS06), Johns Hopkins Pharmaquip (HS07), and Johns Hopkins Pediatric At Home (HS08). If you are requesting an off-cycle-check for the employee then you must mark the e-mail urgent and indicate you are requesting a check in the body of the e-mail message.  Note: Any questions regarding JHU Bargaining Unit historical edits should be referred to your Divisional HR office.

SAP Transaction Form

  1.  Download SAP HR Transactions Form
  2. Save the document to your computer and complete the required fields which are marked in blue
  3. Click the 'Save As' option from the File Menu and rename the file with the employee's name or the position number that is being edited
  4. Send an E-mail with the form attached to HRIPC
  5. The ISR Coordinator will process the form, provided all pertinent information has been listed within 48 hours
  6. If information is missing from the form, the ISR Coordinator will contact the requestor who should provide the missing information within 24 hours
  7. The ISR Coordinator will send the requestor an E-mail with the ISR number
  8. The SAP HR Transactions Form initiator will check the report log for the status of their request.

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