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Inter-Entity Transacations

Mission Statement

The Accounts Receivable Shared Service Center (ARSSC) services both the Johns Hopkins University and the Johns Hopkins Health System.  ARSSC is committed to providing quality service to faculty and staff.  We are committed to creating a collaborative environment that encourages trusted relationships and teamwork.

Inter-Entity Mission:

  • To serve the entire Johns Hopkins Enterprise.
  • To operate a customer-responsive service department.
  • To approve and process KB15N documents within 3 days of receipt.
  • To provide professional assistance to Hopkins faculty and staff.
  • To advise customers about how to use the SAP financial system.
  • To plan and communicate cut-off dates for monthly transactions.
  • To provide documentation for accounting transactions.
  • To train staff on how to complete the KB15N document.
  • To assist customers with selecting the proper Secondary Cost Element.
  • To comply with internal and external audit requests.

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