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How do I look up all of the available suppliers in the system?

End users can see all available hosted catalog suppliers by selecting Go ShoppingCreate Shopping Cart > Add Items HopkinsSelect eMarketplace.  Then click on the Product Search tab, then Browse by Supplier on the main search page.  Change Results per page drop-down default from 20 to 100.

How do I establish favorites?

From the search results screen, you can select the item, select Add to Favorites in the drop-down list above the search results and then click Go.  You will be prompted as to which folder you wish to add the favorite to.

What has to be completed in the user profile set-up?

Required fields across the site are in bold.  The required fields in your user profiles in the SciQuest site are First Name, Last Name, Telephone Number, E-mail Address, and User Name.  The telephone number's first field MUST include the country code. In the United States, the country code to use from the U.S. is the number "1". 

Note that the Department and Position fields are not used.

Can PCards be used in SciQuest?

Johns Hopkins is currently not using PCards in SciQuest.

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