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The HopkinsSelect eMarketplace provides an efficient and user-friendly process for ordering commonly required products.  Powered by SciQuest Incorporated and interfaced with SAP, the HopkinsSelect eMarketplace streamlines the purchasing process, maximizes strategic supplier relationships, reduces acquisition costs, and increases customer satisfaction.  Faculty and staff may access the HopkinsSelect eMarketplace by using SAP.

Faculty and staff are able to utilize the HopkinsSelect eMarketplace to browse supplier catalogs, compare prices between suppliers, and place orders directly with suppliers.  The HopkinsSelect eMarketplace provides access to more than 79 supplier catalogs.  Suppliers in the HopkinsSelect eMarketplace include Dell Computer, Fisher Scientific,, Invitrogen, Office Depot, Sigma-Aldrich, VWR and Qiagen.

Suppliers are enabled as either "punchout" or "hosted".

Punchout suppliers host their catalogs on their own web sites that are linked to the HopkinsSelect eMarketplace.  When users select a punchout supplier, they are transferred to the supplier's web site to search for and select products.  Punchout catalogs offer Johns Hopkins-specific pricing and information.  When users "check out" from a supplier's punchout web site, the selected items populate an SAP shopping cart where users may complete their order.  The features and "look and feel" of punchout catalogs differ from vendor to vendor.  Some punchout catalogs offer the advantage of up-to-date inventories, the ability to configure products, and other supplier-specific features.

Hosted suppliers upload their catalog data directly to HopkinsSelect eMarketplace powered by SciQuest.  Hosted catalogs offer a consistent "look and feel" and the ability to search across multiple supplier catalogs and conduct side-by-side product comparisons.  Hosted catalogs offer Johns Hopkins-specific pricing and information.  Users may create "favorites" lists to quickly find and order frequently ordered items.

Most suppliers included in the HopkinsSelect eMarketplace offer Johns Hopkins-specific discounted pricing, and special value-added services to the Johns Hopkins community.  Some vendors are included for ordering convenience, however, and offer market-based pricing.  Be sure to compare pricing when ordering from these suppliers since they are not Johns Hopkins contract suppliers.

To insure the University is in compliance with OMB Circular A-110 and the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), orders placed directly by departments with HopkinsSelect eMarketplace suppliers should not exceed $25,000.  Orders with HopkinsSelect eMarketplace suppliers greater than $25,000 should be sent to Supply Chain Shared Services for review and processing.

Purchase orders as sent directly to HopkinsSelect eMarketplace suppliers.  It is not necessary to call a supplier with your order information.  Some suppliers will send email confirmations once they receive and process an order.

For additional information regarding the HopkinsSelect eMarketplace, please, contact Bruce Schabdach, Associate Director of Purchasing, 443-997-5661.

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