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Staff Contacts


Shared Services Purchasing Group Numbers and Contacts 
University Staff Contacts
JHHS and Suburban Hospital Staff Contacts

See below for contact information related to the current Supply Chain Shared Service Center staff.  For general content information for this department, please see the main Supply Chain Shared Service Center page.

Kennett, William (Bill)JHHSSr. Director, Supply
Beyer, PaulJHUDirector
Gibula, Elizabeth (Betty)JHHSDirector, Procurement, Supply
TBDJHHSAssociate Director Purchasing443-997-5623TBD
Knoerlein, CharleneJHHS

Director Supply Chain eCommerce
Schabdach, BruceJHUAssociate Director
Zimmer, Judith (Judy)JHUAssociate Director
Mendez, MaxJHHSAsst Dir Supply Chain, (Invt. Mgmt)

Kent, StevenJHHSActing Assoc. Director, Procurement

Whittington, DwayneJHHSMMIS System
Lapinski, Kimberly (Kim)JHHSMMIS Project
Zak, RondaJHHSMMIS Project
Cooper, ByronJHHSMMIS
Haysbert, Reginald (Reggie)JHHSMMIS
Jones, Debra (Debbie)JHHSMMIS
Rodriguez, MaryJHUSmall Business
Basham, Deborah (Debbie)JHHSStrategic Sourcing
Frasca, David (Tom)JHHSStrategic Sourcing
Leven, Geoffrey (Geoff)JHHSStrategic Sourcing
Greenberg, Daniel (Dan)JHHSStrategic Sourcing
Susanne WilsonJHHSContract Service Manager443-997-3812SWILSO@JHMI.EDU
Crites, KeithJHHSContract
Friedel, Elizabeth (Beth)JHHSContract
Janicki, DawnJHHSContract
Marousek, JeannetteJHHSContract
Andersen, ChristianJHUSourcing
Andrulonis, Kimberley (Kim)JHUSourcing
Foehrkolb, DarleneJHUSourcing
Hogan, Mary (Dana)JHUSourcing
Saunders, SuzetteJHUSourcing
TBDJHUSourcing Specialist443-997-1000

Tieperman, LanceJHUSourcing
Yeatman, Patricia (Pat)JHUSourcing
Conrad, RaymondJHHSProcurement
Haines, BrandiJHHSProcurement
Lang, Michael (Mike)JHHSProcurement
Nicolette (Locklear), ReginaJHHSProcurement
Towers, Marrain (Corky)JHHSProcurement
Harris, Christina (Chris)JHUProcurement
Hipp, Jennifer (Jen)JHUProcurement
Pfeiffer, Frank (Roy)JHUProcurement
Abel, JoshJHUProcurement Card
Richardson, AveilleJHUAdministrative
Shannahan, BrittanyJHUAdministrative
Donna DoyleJHHSStaff
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