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Johns Hopkins Travel Center Ground Transportation



This information is intended to provide guidance for Johns Hopkins travelers and related expense payments.

Johns Hopkins travelers receive discounts of up to 20% off the published rates for travel in the Northeast Amtrak corridor.

Purchasing Services also has negotiated agreements with Avis and Budget to meet the University’s car rental needs. These agreements feature low rates and all insurance coverages.

Johns Hopkins University is an E&I Cooperative member. Participating car rental agencies offer E&I members and their employees special discounts on daily, weekly, and weekend standard rates at participating locations in the United States.

Additional discounts are available through the University's designated travel agencies.

The responsiblity for this information rests with the Office of the Controller. Printed copies may be obtained by visiting the Controller's Office Website at under Administrative Guides.

Please, direct questions or comments to Debbie Hawkes, 443-997-4090.



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