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JHHS Vendor Guide

Vendor Selection Criteria

Corporate Purchasing is responsible for the selection of vendors that will provide the Health System with cost effective products and services in a timely manner.

Vendor selection criteria:

Existing vendors will be evaluated on the following:

  1. Responsiveness to emergencies
  2. Vendor innovation (assisting our institutions in improving quality and reducing costs)
  3. Adherence to policies (Vendormate; Appointments; Invoice processing, Backorders, Compliance to Contract Terms and Conditions, Professional representation, etc.)
  4. Ability to provide quality product in a timely and consistent manner
  5. Invoice discrepancies – Minimal number of discrepancies
  6. Committed pricing
  7. Competitive pricing
  8. Order Accuracy Rate
  9. Delivery lead times
  10. Professional, experienced product support
  11. Product packaging
  12. Distribution programs
  13. Financial stability
  14. Favorable terms and conditions
  15. Contractual compliance

Corporate Purchasing will monitor vendors with input from end user departments on a continuing basis. Various purchasing data reports, user inquiries, purchasing/expediting experiences, meetings with users and other information will be cataloged and maintained in vendor-specific files within Corporate Purchasing by the Paralegal or Contract Specialist.

Users may request information on specific vendors at any time. Vendors may also request information on themselves at any time. If particular information is judged to be significant, a general correspondence may be created to present information to all users of a particular vendor.

If vendor performance is deemed to be unacceptable on a continuing basis or because of a serious incident, the vendor will be notified by Corporate Purchasing. Depending on the type, severity, past history, etc. of the unacceptable performance the vendor may be issued a warning, disqualified for additional business or disqualified from any business with Johns Hopkins Health System. Fines may be imposed per previous contractual agreement.

Last updated01/06/2010

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