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JHHS Vendor Guide

Vendor Keys to Success

Vendors are required to notify Corporate Purchasing representatives (Buyers/Sr. Buyers) of all projects and requests concerning affiliate departments. Compliance with this requirement is mandatory to continue vendor in good standing status.

Corporate Purchasing will solicit three competitive bids on all purchases with a total shopping cart cost exceeding $10,000. Should products or services be proprietary, standardization of current manufacturers is mandatory; sole source documentation must be submitted with all requests for such product.

An authorized shopping cart is essential to begin the purchase order process. Verbal notification of potential purchases is not acceptable. If a department has an emergent need and has conveyed that need to the vendor, the department must notify Corporate Purchasing with a valid e-mail that a cart is of an emergency nature.

Contracts should be reviewed by the Johns Hopkins Health System Legal Department. Vendor provided contracts will not be accepted unless reviewed by JHHS Corporate Purchasing Paralegal and deemed to be acceptable contract language. Contracts are valid only if signed in accordance with the JHHS Finance Policies and Procedures – Signature Authority.

Corporate Officers of the selected vendor will be required to sign all legal documents and return these documents to Corporate Purchasing for appropriate signature. At this time an authorized representative of the Johns Hopkins Health System will execute and the vendor will receive an executed copy of the contract.

Quotations must be submitted to Corporate Purchasing. Validity of quotes received with shopping carts will be the prerogative of Corporate Purchasing. Quotations must be current and all line items must be individually discounted indicating list price, percentage discount, dollar discount, and final cost. It is essential that each line item be separately priced.

Corporate Purchasing will begin the purchasing/bid process with written notification from a department or affiliate or if Corporate Purchasing commodity and contract review determines the commodity or service is subject to the bid process.

Invoicing – Vendors are required to use various third-party invoicing formats, i.e. GHX, XIGN, SAP interfaces, etc. Vendors are required to submit pricing in a format deemed appropriate by the Contract Specialists. Vendors unable to comply with these systems will be reviewed and may not be solicited for future business opportunities at JHHS.

Pricing – Johns Hopkins Health System requires vendors to commit to contract terms and conditions relevant to pricing structures. If pricing is required to be fixed for a given timeframe and invoices/contracted pricing does not reflect the previously agreed pricing structure, JHHS reserves the right to pay contract pricing and the vendor will be notified in writing of same. If the vendor representative does not resolve the pricing issues within their respective organization, JHHS reserves the right to eliminate that vendor from future opportunities at Johns Hopkins Health System. If price caps are negotiated, a 30-day written notice must be delivered to Corporate Purchasing prior to effective pricing. JHHS reserves the right to refuse any pricing changes without proper notification.

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