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Johns Hopkins Travel Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about the Travel Program? We have answers...Check out our FAQs sections!

Frequently Asked Questions

Travel Portal
1. How do I access the Johns Hopkins Travel Portal?
2. What username and password should I use to access the Travel Portal?
3. What if I have a question about some of the information contained on the Travel Portal; whom should I contact for clarification?
Concur General
1. How do I access the Concur online booking tool?
2. What username and password should I use to access Concur?
3. Can I go directly to the Concur website to create an online booking?
4. Will the Concur system log me out of my account if I remain inactive on the page?
5. What do I do if I have questions regarding the Concur site?
Concur Profile
1. Which information am I required to put into my Concur profile before booking?
2. Which information, if any, will be loaded into my profile prior to system launch?
3. Is there a limit to the number of frequent traveler programs I can add?
4. If I do not initially add my loyalty numbers in my profile, can I add them manually when making a reservation?
5. Can I rank my travel preferences (e.g., 1=aisle, 2=window, 3=middle)?
6. Will emergency contact information be populated automatically or am I responsible for entering that information manually into my profile?
7. How do I establish an assistant as my travel arranger?
8. Can my travel arranger make changes to my profile?
9. If I am not willing to fly on a particular airline, is there a way to block it from my travel searches using features on my traveler profile?
10. Can I establish certain vendors (e.g., air or hotel) as my preferred carriers to control my search output?
11. What if my name is incorrectly listed in Concur?
Concur Travel
1. Is there a booking restriction for same day travel?
2. Am I required to book travel with WTI for both sponsored and non-sponsored travel?
3. If I am I traveling on government-sponsored funds, how do I know if I am booking in compliance with the Fly America Act?
4. Can I use WTI to book travel that is split for business and personal uses?
5. Can I use WTI to book travel for family/companions to accompany me on Johns Hopkins–related travel?
6. Can I search for fares across nearby airports?
7. Can I filter my flight search by airline?
8. If my travel dates are flexible, is there a way to look at flights costs across a date range?
9. If I am traveling on sponsored funds, will Concur display government approved rates for my destination?
10. If I am traveling for a conference that has a special hotel rate, how can I ensure that I receive that rate for travel?
11. If my flight has already been ticketed, can I change it using Concur?
12. Can I cancel a reservation that has already been booked online using Concur?
13. How do I book a flight using an unused or previously-cancelled ticket?
14. Whom should I contact with questions regarding discount air, hotel, or car programs?
15. Will my travel reservations automatically sync with my Outlook calendar and/or TripIt profile?
16. What information will I receive after completing a reservation?
17. Will my reservations populate into SAP TRIP for expense reimbursement?
18. Where can I find the restrictions airfare, car, or hotel reservations may have?
19. What if I want to pay for better seats, early check-in, or upgrade my flight?
Concur Travel Arranger
1. How do I gain travel arranger rights to book travel for another Johns Hopkins employee?
2. Can I make changes to my traveler’s profile?
3. Will I have to be added to each traveler’s profile individually to be each traveler’s designated arranger?
4. If I am a travel arranger and I book travel for someone else, can I hold a reservation to allow the actual traveler to complete the booking?
5. If I’m not a “designated” travel arranger, can I book travel for someone else?
6. Will I receive a copy of my traveler’s reservations if I book travel on their behalf?
7. How do I book travel for a guest?
8. Are guests able to use Concur / WTI to book travel for themselves?
9. How do I arrange hotel accommodations for visitors when Johns Hopkins will be paying the expense? Can I direct bill their hotel expense to Johns Hopkins?
Policy and Procedure
1. If I have questions regarding travel policy that are not addressed in our Travel Policies and Procedures, who should I contact?
2. Can I pay out-of-pocket to upgrade my seat from coach to business class?
3. As an employee, can I use company for personal travel?
4. Can I direct bill my airfare costs to Johns Hopkins?
5. Does my travel require approval?
6. Should I purchase insurance when renting a car for Johns Hopkins–related travel?
7. Should I purchase separate travel or trip insurance for Johns Hopkins–related travel?
World Travel Inc
1. What is the role of World Travel, Inc.?
2. What are the booking fees for World Travel, Inc.?
Mobile Application
1. Which mobile applications can I use to support travel?
2. Where can I download the WorldMobile, TripIt or Concur applications?
3. If I already have the TripIt app, do I need the WorldMobile app?
4. What is my Login ID and password for the WorldMobile app?
5. Are we able to book travel on the WorldMobile app?
6. If I have questions or need assistance in downloading the WorldMobile app, who do I contact?

If you still cannot find an answer to your query, please contact the Johns Hopkins Travel Programs at

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