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Johns Hopkins Travel - Central Bill Travel Card

Some Divisions and Departments within the University and Health System have set-up billing mechanisms to cover travel costs for their students, groups, and outside guests using the Central Bill Travel Card program.

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Usage for Individual Travelers

The Central Bill Travel Card program will allow individual travelers to bill air fare and rail charges ONLY to their Department on either a one-time or recurring access basis.

All booking requests must go through World Travel Inc via phone at 888-433-2556 or email at  Please remember to give the agent your unique TRA number (e.g., TRA12345) created during the approval process.  If you are granted recurring access, you will also see the Central Bill Travel Card in the Form of Payment drop-down list of your profile.  Simply select that card and add the TRA number in the required field.  Only those Johns Hopkins employees who are granted recurring access will see the card in their profiles; all others will need to contact WTI via phone or email for bookings.

Usage for Guests / Group or Multiple Travelers

The Central Bill Travel Card program will allow travel arrangers to support guests or groups of travelers, with the ability to bill air fare, rail, car service (not car rental at this time) and hotel charges to their Department for one-time events, if given approval by the Divisional Business Office.

Once a meeting / event has been established, all guest bookings must go through World Travel, Inc. via phone at 888-433-2556 or email at  Please inform your guests to mention the unique TRA number (e.g., TRA12345) assigned by the electronic workflow tool at the point of contact.

Request a Central Bill Travel Card

If you are an administrator and would like to request an application for a Central Bill Travel Card, kindly email  It generally takes approximately two weeks to establish a Central Bill Travel Card number and you will be notified via email when it is active and available for use.  If your department is requesting both the single traveler card and guest/group card, two applications will need to be submitted.

Use of a Central Bill Travel Card

Once your department's card has been established and you have been notified that it is active, requests for authorization to use a Central Bill Travel Card can be made by completing the appropriate webform. Each request will follow an electronic workflow process for approval with the authorizers of the selected Central Bill Travel Card.  Once a request is authorized, World Travel Inc. is notified and travel bookings may begin.  Requesters and arrangers are also notified electronically of a webform's approval.  Please ensure you are selecting the correct card and that all charges intended to go on the card are included on the form.

Please send an email to with any questions.

Links to Webforms

Single Trip Access Request
Recurring Access Request
Guest and Group Requests

Help videos are available on LMS

Fast Facts:  Central Bill Travel Card Overview 101

Fast Facts: Central Bill Travel Card Reconcile and Allocation

Request Single Trip Access for Single Traveler
Request Recurring Access for a Single Traveler

Submit Webform for Guest Traveler
Submit Webform for Group Travel

Edit an Existing Webform

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q:  I have been notified that my Central Bill Travel Card is established.  What's the first step?
A:  You may now communicate its availability to your department; each person wishing to use the card (based on departmental policy) should complete the appropriate webform.  Please ensure you are selecting the correct card; card owners are sent specific naming conventions to follow.

Q:  Who authorizes my request?
A:  Authorizers were established during the application process, approved by your department's DBO.  The webform follows an electronic approval process and approved webforms are emailed automatically to WTI.

Q:  Once I receive the email showing that my request has flowed to WTI (the approval email), what do I do?
A:  Based on information provided in the webform, you would either call WTI to make your booking or WTI will reach out to you.  Please remember:  only WTI has the card number and agents will not complete a transaction without an approved webform.  It is important that you reference the TRA number from the email.

Q:  How long does it take a webform to reach WTI?
A:  For Single Trip and Guest requests, forms reach WTI as soon as an authorizers approves the request.  For Recurring Access, the process takes 24 hours and for Group requests, 72 hours is necessary to allow WTI to complete some back-end processes before bookings can begin.

Q:  Why don't I see the Central Bill Travel Card number in my Concur profile?
A:  Only those with recurring access rights will see the Central Bill Travel Card in his or her Concur profile (enabling the traveler to book via Concur).  Otherwise, you will need to call a WTI agent to complete your booking.  Please note: if you do have recurring access and enter another credit card in your profile, do not select 'plane tickets' or 'rail tickets' as a default for that card.  Recurring access cards show as 'Company Card' in the payment drop-down field.

Q:  I submitted a webform, but now need to make a change.  How do I change an approved webform?
A:  Please see "Edit an Existing Webform" video to walk you through this process.

Q:  Is there reporting to help me allocate and approve transactions in PaymentNet?
A:  Yes, WTI will send monthly reports in the form of an Excel spreadsheet to the card managers to assist in reconciliation and allocation.  These air- and rail-only reports are sent on a monthly basis on/about the 25th of each month and are sent regardless of activity on the card.  If there is no activity on your department's card, you will receive a blank report.  The reconciliation and allocation process follows the same calendar as Pcard.

Q:  How do I get receipts or other documentation for the charges on the Central Bill Travel Card?
A:  WTI can send itineraries to a designated person within your department or if your department has a generic email address which can aid in identifying to whom the charges belong.  WTI receipts come from and hotel and car service receipts should be gathered from the traveler or vendor directly (WTI will not have these receipts).

Q:  Why don't I see my card in the drop down menu?
A:  It could depend on your request and the type of card your department has.  For example, if you complete the Single Traveler form and your department only has a Guest and Group card, the card will not appear.  Or if you are requesting recurring access but the card is not set up for that, it will not appear.  Please email your department administrator or with any questions.




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