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Johns Hopkins Travel - JP Morgan Chase Corporate Travel Card

The JP Morgan Chase Corporate Travel Card is available to provide a convenient method to pay for travel expenses and non-travel business meals. The card integrates with the SAP TRIP system, and charges automatically flow into the application reducing manual entry and facilitating quick reporting and reimbursement of eligible travel, entertainment, and similar business related expenses.

The Corporate Travel Card is intended for faculty and staff who are required to or anticipate traveling or incurring qualifying business related expenses on behalf of Johns Hopkins.

Cardholders will enjoy benefits such as

  • Use of the Corporate Travel Card helps to keep business travel and entertainment expenses separate from personal expenses
  • Widespread merchant acceptance anywhere MasterCard is accepted
  • Spending limits independent of personal credit
  • No annual fee
  • Fraud protection and insurance coverage
  • Transactions are ready for quick import to the SAP TRIP report system
  • Following a TRIP report, quick turnaround for reimbursements

Applying for the card will not impact your credit or credit score. The established account and usage of the card will also not impact your credit or your credit score, nor should it appear on your credit report.

More information regarding the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Travel Card.

The Corporate Travel Card is sponsored by the Accounts Payable Shared Service Center. For more information or an application, please contact Tiffany Petrovia at




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