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Johns Hopkins Travel - JP Morgan Chase Executive Travel Card

To obtain an Executive Travel Card the traveler must have at least $12,000 in annual travel expense. The employee will need to complete the JP Morgan Chase application to apply for a card. Department, business area and office of the controller approvals are required to receive the Executive Travel Card.

Applications for Executive and Corporate Cards should be signed by the applicant and the appropriate Departmental approver, and business area and office of the controller approvers along with an explanation citing the estimated annual expenses for the card. To request an application please contact Accounts Payable Shared Services.

Under the Executive Card program, there is a central bill account: one bill for all cards. Accounts Payable Shared Services will initiate the payment to JP Morgan Chase. Payment of the Executive Card charges is treated as an advance under the IRS Accountable Plan rules.

The JP Morgan Executive Card is sponsored by the Accounts Payable Shared Service Center. For more information or an application, please contact Tiffany Petrovia at



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