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Johns Hopkins Travel - Preferred Airlines Suppliers

The Johns Hopkins Travel Program has strategically sourced discount arrangements with key airline partners.  In order to continue to leverage our buying power, we need to support those carriers with which we have a partnership.  In doing so, you will receive access to Johns Hopkins-negotiated discounts when flying with one of these airlines.

Important Information Regarding Southwest Online Bookings

On May 9, 2017 Southwest Airlines is scheduled to complete its migration to a new reservation system.  Please be advised that:

  • Any complete trip booked and/or traveled entirely BEFORE May 9th or entirely AFTER May 9th will be unaffected.
  • Travel that occurs over May 9th WILL be affected. If you depart before May 9th and return after May 9th, you will need to book the trip as two separate 1-way itineraries. (Please note: you will incur two booking fees.)
  • Travel on Southwest that occurs on May 9th cannot be booked online and anyone who attempts to do so will receive an error message. Travelers must call a World Travel Inc. agent to book.

To access our negotiated airline discounts you must create your reservation through one of the following methods:



Johns Hopkins Dedicated Agents Team
Contact Information



(888) 433-2556 (Toll Free)
(484) 348-6310 (Direct & Outside the United States)  (8 AM – 8 PM EST, M-F)  (All Other Times)

Our agreements with these carriers allow travelers to earn points and other perks through their associated loyalty programs. Click on the links below to register for each of these Airline Loyalty Programs.

American Airlines

Sign-up for the American Airlines AAdvantage Program

Check out the Boeing 787 Dreamliner (flies to/from BWI).

British AirwaysSign-up for the British Airways Loyalty Program
Delta AirlinesSign-up for the Delta Airlines SkyMiles Program
Emirates Airways

Sign-up for the Emirates Airways Skywards Program

Click here for the Emirates Fact Sheet for Johns Hopkins. Click here for Airbus 380 information to Dubai.

Emirates 'claim check' option for electronics ban.

Qatar Airways

Sign-up for the Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Qatar loaner laptop program during electronics ban.

Southwest Airlines

Sign-up for Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® program

Note:  Southwest Airlines' 50% Rapid Rewards bonus ended June 30, 2016.

Sign-up for United Airlines Mileage Plus program

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