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Vendor Management

Accounts Payable and Purchasing (JHHS & Affiliates, JHU) have automated the process to add new vendors and update existing vendors in SAP for the issuance of purchase orders and online payment requests.

SAP users will now complete a simple form via Payment Works that will be routed directly to the vendor. Users will no longer need to request a vendor’s W9 or Certificate of Insurance as the vendor will be responsible to provide the information through the portal.

Note: JHHS vendor invitations will first route to Supply Chain Management at the affiliate level for review and approval prior to routing to the vendor. This step is not part of the JHU process.

Once the vendor completes their registration, Accounts Payable and Purchasing (JHHS & Affiliates, JHU) will review the request. Once it is determined the vendor has provided all necessary information the record will be approved, and creation in SAP will occur systematically. The original requester can track the progress of the request through the portal and both the vendor and requesting department contact will receive an email notification of the new vendor number once created. The vendor will also be granted access to their payment information through the portal.

Note: Independent Contractor contracts and any other additional documents (Refer to the Payment Works FAQ for the complete list.) MUST be provided by the department to Accounts Payable and Purchasing concurrently with the creation of the vendor invitation to the following:

Click here for detailed instructions or below for additional information

  • Johns Hopkins PaymentWorks Home Page
  • PaymentWorks Invitiation Guide - Instructions on adding and managing new vendors through the PaymentWorks vendor portal.
  • PaymentWorks FAQ

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