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Purchase Order related Credit Memos/Revised Invoices

Submit to

  1. Do NOT send inquires or correspondence to this email.
  2. The Purchase Order Number is REQUIRED on the CREDIT MEMO
    1. NOTE: A valid Johns Hopkins PO# is 10 digits long, beginning with a “2” (ex: 2000000000)
  3. Do NOT send inquires to this email
  4. Reference “Credit Memo” in the Subject Line of the email when submitting your Credit Memo.
    1. It is preferred that you reference the original INVOICE NUMBER on the CREDIT MEMO.
    2. It is preferred that you additionally provide a copy of the original invoice.
  5. Reference "Revised Invoice" in the Subject Line of the email when submitting your Revised Invoice.
  6. Do NOT mail via USPS if submitting via email.
  7. Do NOT send invoices to the individual processors
    1. Invoices sent to the Individual Processors will NOT be processed.
  8. Do NOT copy any other AP email address on your submission.
  9. Submit your email only ONCE and allow 30 days before requesting status from our AP Customer Service

NON-Purchase Order related Credit Memo/Revised Invoices

  1. Submit directly to the ORDERING DEPARTMENT CONTACT
  2. We strongly suggest at the time the order is being placed, you obtain the Ordering Department Contact Name (First & Last), direct phone number, email address and shipping address.

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