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  1. Provide the Johns Hopkins ordering Department your email address so they can send an invitation to request your information to be added in our database through our vendor portal.
  2. Once the department submits your invitation and it is approved by our Purchasing Department, you will receive an invitation to add your information in our database through our vendor portal.
  3. The email will come from “PaymentWorks on behalf of Johns Hopkins Enterprises”.
  4. You are required to validate your email before you can securely complete, save and submit your vendor registration.
  5. Once Johns Hopkins receives your vendor registration, we can start our review process for creating your Vendor account.
    1. If required information/documentation is missing, your registration will be returned to you with specific instructions for updating.
    2. Once the update(s) are completed and saved by you, please resubmit your vendor registration.
  6. Once your vendor registration is approved, you will receive notification from PaymentsWorks of your newly created Vendor Number.
  7. Once your Vendor Number is created.
    1. Your invoices will be accepted for our payment process.
    2. You will have access to view ALL processed invoice payments through your PaymentWorks Account.
    3. You will have access to securely update your Vendor information in our database through your PaymentWorks Account.
  8. If you have difficulty with your Paymentworks registration and/or account updates, please contact for further assistance.

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