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Mass HR Data Load Requirements

What Loads are possible at this time?

HR/PYSS are able to accommodate requests to make the following updates via mass data loads:
  • Bonus/Supplemental Payments
    • A minimum of 50
  • Miscellaneous Deductions
    • No minimum if not on the ISR/Employment Action 
    • Otherwise a minimum of 50 
  • Salary Changes (JHU Annual Merit process is in review as of 02/01/2021) 
    • A minimum of 75 
  • Reports to Changes
    • A minimum of 75

Other HR mass data changes can be managed manually and will need to be coordinated with HR/PYSS Management. 

The following are the requirements to meet the standards to be considered a HR mass data load 

  • The same approval structure is required as with the ISR/Employment Action 
    • A sign off of the final approval is required before processing.  Please have the normal final approver sign off on the request having them submit the final request to HR/PY Shared Services 
  • The request must be identical in purpose and fields being updated (all one request type/wage type/reason code and the same effective date) and meet the minimum volume requirements
    • A minimum of 50 bonus/supplemental payments or miscellaneous deduction
    • A minimum of 75 other action types 
  • The request must be on the proper template (reach out to HR/PYSS if you have issues with the template) 
    • Templates can be found below
    • Please follow these important guidelines on submitting via template
      • Do not add/remove columns 
      • Do not put formulas/special formatting on the template
      • Make sure if submitting rates/amounts that there are only 2 decimal places of data
        • SAP truncates instead of rounds 
      • Do not include any notes or special guidance on the template
      • Ensure your data is up to date and accurate
  • Not following the above will result in the return of the request and possible delay in completion of the work which may result in missing the deadlines.

How do I submit my mass data load request? 
Unless otherwise instructed, all requests should be directed to    Please do not submit questions to this email address at this time.  Questions should be directed to the University or Health System HRSS mailboxes below.

What are the deadlines for mass loads?

  • For loads of 75+ updates (excluding Bonus/Supplemental payments/deductions) a separate deadline is established and published within the manual process deadlines
  • For loads of 150+ updates (excluding Bonus/Supplemental payments/deductions) coordination with HRPYSS Management is required with at least 1 month notice prior to the effective date
  • For loads of 50+ Bonus/Supplemental payments/deductions or for any Bonus/Supp that are not able to be submitted via the manual processes, follow the manual process deadlines listed above.

Data updates less than listed above are completed via Employment Actions, Position Requests, ISRs, and Success Factors Integrations.


When will additional Data Loads be available?

We are actively working on building the variety of types of loads available and will communicate via our list serve as they become available.

Where do I go if I have a special request?

The majority of data loads are managed by HR Shared Services. Please reach out to us via email or phone.


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