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Training Resources

Welcome to the training resource section of our website. We are dedicated to supporting our clients by offering training in a timely, relevant and efficient manner. We invite you to come spend time with our department to learn more about what we do and how training with us can be a positive experience for you. You will have the opportunity to observe and learn HR/Payroll processing and familiarize yourself with life cycle transactions.

Visit Human Resources/Payroll Shared Services

HR Shared Services Workshop: Come spend a day with our HR Specialists to learn:

        • How to gain access and process Internal Service Requests (ISR)
        • SAP Transaction Codes
        • Different Types of ISRs such as hiring, salary change, bonuses, LOA, etc.
        • How the SAP Business Workplace works
        • What is Master Data and How Does It Work?
        • SAP – Help Job Aids that you should become familiar with
        • Processing Guidelines
        • ISR Dates and Deadlines
Upcoming Workshops  9:00am - 4:00pm
• April 26, 2018
• May 22, 2018
• August 14, 2018 (focus on Student ISRs)
• November 6, 2018

Payroll Shared Services Workshop: Come spend a half day with our payroll staff learning payroll processes such as:

        • Overpayments
        • PTO
        • Pay Discrepancies
        • Off Cycle Checks
        • I-9 Changes
        • CATS
        • Employee Self Service
        • Payroll Processing
        • Employment /Wage Verification

Reporting Workshop: Come spend a half day with the Reporting Team to learn helpful reporting processes using Business Warehouse (BW) and ERP Central Component (ECC). This is hands-on training so you can Login under your ID and create reports and display data that you can reference in your office.

Here is an outline of the reporting workshop:

     Business Warehouse (BW):
        • BW Overview
        • HR/Payroll Popular BW Reports
     ERP Central Component (ECC)
        • CADO; Employee Directory; Favorites; Position by Role Assignment
        • ISR Report and ISR Work Item Locator
        • Position/Organization Overview (PPOSE)

How to Register for Workshops

Click here to complete the questionnaire. Your submission will be forwarded to our office. We will contact you to schedule the workshop/s. We welcome your feedback regarding our training offerings.

Thank you for your interest!

Other Training Resources

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