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BW Reporting for Human Resource Reports

BW Access

In order to have access to run BW reports, end-users must have proper roles assigned to their positions.  Departments can either initiate a Position Maintain ISR to assign the roles or initiate a ZSR to give the access.

Please refer to the below documents to understand the BW Security Mechanism and related roles.
     •   Human Resources BW Security Model
     •   BW Report Security Roles

BW Reporting Tools
     •   BW Report List
     •   BW Overview
     •   BW Basic Screen Descriptions
     •   Customizing Reports
     •   HR Data Elements Definitions

Ensuring HR Data Integrity
     •   Timely ISR Processing

Need more information about BW reports?

E-Course from Johns Hopkins Learning Management System

Reporting: Introduction to Business Warehouse


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